Our family live in Maungatapu, my wife and I are life/work partners, 12 years in our own architecture business with branches in Tauranga and Hamilton. I stand for planning future growth carefully with economics in mind, inner city living/intensification, infrastructure provision and creating a quality transportation network of trains/buses/ferries/cycling/walking – accessible for all. We need debate on innovative ideas for Rubbish/Recycling and Minimization of Waste for a healthier City.

As a Registered Architect for 22 years, it’s given me experience with different cultures, contexts and ages, enabling development of personal qualities of innovation, budget control and clear communication. Honesty, uprightness and integrity are family foundations.

I support community-led engagement and respect the opinions/needs of all. I feel that with my experience, passion and creativity, combined with your help, we can ensure Tauranga is a leading city and sustainable for future generations.

Join me, Tick Mark Wassung.