Community-Led Projects I have initiated, and for which I have provided ideas, potential solutions and drawings at my own expense over the last 2 years:


23 Seat Electric Vehicle Bus

Architect Mark Wassung, Richard Drummond MD KiwiBus Tauriko West and Max Lewis, have combined to create a mode of transport which will reinforce the city’s commitment to endorsing and promoting decarbonisation.

This progressive concept will promote local manufacture and business, allowing Tauranga to become a leader in innovative thinking.

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EV Bus Link

Tauranga electric bus building company pitches skills and dreams to Climate Change Minister James Shaw

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Tauranga Connect

Multimodal Transport Network VISION 2020 to 2030 – the connected future of Tauranga. A city-changing piece of infrastructure, for the people of Tauranga and Tourists. Objectives: Decongestion, Safe, Accessible, Simple, Sustainable, Legible, Fun, Tourism, Futuristic, Colourful, Engaging. An inter-connected network of light rail, trams and buses on shared spaces, complemented with ferries, parking terrains (park & ride), walkways and cycleways. It is inevitable that this city will continue to grow and we must be careful to avoid the mistakes made in Auckland. We should future proof for our children and grandchildren with anticipative management. On studying this plan, it will be observed that all modes of mobility have been interlinked and that the plan is to implement this over a period of 10 years during which the rates base will increase with population growth, thus having little or no impact on individual rates.

REDLINE – Cameron Road

BRT – Bus Rapid Transit LINE/LOOP that connects Greerton, Hospital, Historic Village, Theatres, Schools, University, CBD, Harbour Bridge and Mount Maunganui with Bus Rapid Transit. Overlap with GREEN NET Cycle Stations, Cycleways and Walkways to allow active modes to be included. BRT Service to be every 10 minutes so fast, frequent, reliable and safe ALL ACCESS including mobility scooters/cycles/prams/wheelchairs/surfboards/luggage.

GOLD Line – All Access

Free Travel for Seniors from agile to disabled, that connects with Medical Facilities along Cameron Road and Fraser Street so no car is needed. The Drawing shows all Medical Facilities Formal and Alternative in Red and all Retirement/Hospice Facilities in Blue. You can clearly see that there is an overlap of the Red and Blue to reinforce the need for the GOLD LINE down Cameron Road as BRT Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail in future. This Drawing is a collaboration between Carole Gordon and Mark Wassung.

TURRET-ROAD – Tidal Flow Smart Lanes and BR T2/T3 High Occupancy Lane

Ready for change? Let’s go. With the new Maungatapu to Welcome Bay underpass opening soon, a cost effective solution is being suggested as a quick option to provide relief to peak-time motorists using Fifteenth Avenue and Turret Road, sooner rather than later. The current Council Plan is to deliver a solution in 2026 at a cost of $60 million to provide a continuous 4-lane road and duplicate bridge. The alternative Concept could potentially be in place much sooner and at considerably reduced cost. The idea is to create only one additional lane within the existing road-space. This third lane would be used to implement two-lane tidal flow at am peak and pm peak. Automated adaptive road markings embedded into the road surface and overhead LED arrows would clearly define which lanes are open. This project was a collaboration between Cr. Rick Curach and Mark Wassung.

B2B-BRIDGE – Shared Overbridge for Pedestrians/Cycles/Mobility Scooters

The proposed Orange Bridge provides essential connectivity for all modes and ages between Bayfair and Matapihi that has been segregated by the New B2B Road. This Design and other Options were the result of cycle groups and cross-organisational collaboration with NZTA and Councils.


The GREEN LINE will create healthier, safer and more connected neighbourhoods. Tauranga Connect aims to inspire leaders to transform Tauranga City and Region for all residents in 8 years. This proposes 4no. Starter Community Projects with Safe and Separate Cycleways to best International Practice. This work has been a fundamental part of the CYCLE ACTION PLAN which has been put together for the LTP Long Term Plan for consideration.

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TAURANGA TOGETHER – Intergenerational Towers for Seniors and Students Apartments

Tauranga CBD has been barren and neglected for decades, there is an absence of Inner City Living Options, there is a lack of affordable housing and workspace, pressures on public services and a community that is becoming more unequal and less integrated. We need to build Good homes to keep up with demands. We are going to have a quadrupling of Seniors over the next 20 years in their 70’s to 90’s. Seniors don’t always want to live in Retirement Homes. We need to change our approach. I am calling for Tauranga TOGETHER – Good and Sustainable Growth by Design. Growth that brings all Tauranga Residents along, makes them feel included, growth that acknowledges local character and reinforces community cohesion. With our population boom, this creates challenges but also opportunities to help Tauranga Residents to live prosperous and fulfilling lives. Tauranga City in the future should be socially and economically inclusive and environmentally sustainable. A City that brings the best of our existing places, draws on the skills and participation of residents and provides lasting benefits for them. Good Growth is the guiding principle for the DRAFT Tauranga TOGETHER Plan. The initiative is to build more Homes on healthy streets and celebrate culture. This is a call for everyone engaged in Tauranga’s booming Architectural, Design and built environment professions to help realize the Mayor’s Vision and create a built environment for all Tauranga Residents.

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CORONATION PARK – Multimodal Station

The concept is a Bold and Visionary Proposed Masterplan to preserve and protect the current Mount Police Station property and the adjacent properties Port of Tauranga Building and Coronation Park from indiscriminate development that may impinge on the long term development of a combined Ocean Terminal, Railway, Bus, Electric Bikes and Taxi – Multimodal Station, providing access to the heart of Mt Maunganui and its canopied main street.

The complex will consist of an Ocean Terminal on an elevated level above Port Warehousing and fruit refrigeration (allowing the active Port to continue). Telescoped pedestrian gantries with Elevated Sky-Walkways will provide level, safe and secure access to the Customs and receiving Concourse from Cruise Ships to the first floor level. Escalators, elevators and stairs will provide free flowing and transparent access to train platforms and the bus and taxi terminus one level below. The railway terminus roof could consist of solar panels with steel/glass roof feature providing light and ventilation to the platform below. A Hotel sits adjacent to the Multimodal Station and Future Port of Tauranga Commercial Multistorey Building above Retail. Entry to the hotel will be at ground level adjacent to the Station, North facing Public Plaza, Maori Greeting Garden and Coronation Park.