Coronation Park

Copyright of Mark Wassung – Design Engine Architects


The concept is a Bold and Visionary Proposed Masterplan to preserve and protect the current Mount Police Station property and the adjacent properties Port of Tauranga Building and Coronation Park from indiscriminate development that may impinge on the long term development of a combined Ocean Terminal, Railway, Bus, Electric Bikes and Taxi – Multimodal Station, providing access to the heart of Mt Maunganui and its canopied main street.

The complex will consist of an Ocean Terminal on an elevated level above Port Warehousing and fruit refrigeration (allowing the active Port to continue). Telescoped pedestrian gantries with Elevated Sky-Walkways will provide level, safe and secure access to the Customs and receiving Concourse from Cruise Ships to the first floor level. Escalators, elevators and stairs will provide free flowing and transparent access to train platforms and the bus and taxi terminus one level below. The railway terminus roof could consist of solar panels with steel/glass roof feature providing light and ventilation to the platform below. A Hotel sits adjacent to the Multimodal Station and Future Port of Tauranga Commercial Multistorey Building above Retail. Entry to the hotel will be at ground level adjacent to the Station, North facing Public Plaza, Maori Greeting Garden and Coronation Park.

Tauranga City Council i-SITE Facility, Police Station and Retail/Curio Facilities could be housed in the Station Building at First Floor level. The complex could also be adorned with Maori Art, Sculptures and Murals in a maritime theme. Tourist Attractions could also be included in the Mixed Use Building. The Project could be instituted in a staged process as illustrated by the Drawings, providing the basic essentials such as the Rail and Platforms and a better facility for the Cruise Ship Liners, which is at present haphazard and frankly third world. The project would proceed incrementally as population and usage increases. An Interface will be provided between Cruise Ships, Buses, Trains, Pedestrians and Cyclists. The business area will benefit from increased usage and protection of particularly pedestrians from the elements. The Hotel with it’s Living Green Walls will be the centerpiece of the Ocean Terminal Multimodal Transport Station.

Most of all, the image of Tauranga as a tourist destination, will be greatly enhanced. A model or pictorial presentation in the early stages could engender public, tourist and business support. Conversations with local Business, Residents, Councils, IWI, Kiwi Rail, NZTA and Port Authorities would be a prerequisite. Potential Investors have already shown interest in this Project.